Our Services

Our services have been developed to provide high quality, efficient and cost effective support to our clients.

We are not just a medical records collation service, we are able to provide a full investigatory offering in clinical negligence claims.


We are an outsourced medico-legal team providing a bespoke service to clients. We understand that we are in a challenging period for personal injury and clinical negligence departments. As costs are inevitably squeezed many firms are looking at ways to reduce overheads and maximize profit costs on cases. We are perfectly placed to assist firms to do just that.

We are unique in that we are a multi-disciplinary team of legal and medical professionals and can tailor our services to your individual requirements. Whatever those requirements are, we can provide an outstanding solution that is not only cost-effective, but adds significant value to you and your own clients.

We specialise in all areas of clinical negligence and personal injury, including industrial disease and military claims.



We offer an unrivalled medical records collation service for firms that do not have a nurse working in-house, or for those firms that simply do not have the capacity to deal with their current workload.

Reviewing medical records is time consuming and can take up hours of your valuable time, yet this is a vital stage in any clinical negligence claim. You can instruct Collaboras with confidence knowing that your clients’ medical records will be in the hands of specialists. In the meantime, you can work on other chargeable cases.

Our team of Medico-Legal Consultants are experienced in collating medical records in personal injury and clinical negligence claims for both Claimant and Defendant firms.

Our collation service includes:

  • Sorting, paginating and indexing records, and identifying any missing records. We can be as detailed as required on the indexing, and can follow your own in-house precedent if preferred.
  • Detailed consideration of the records and preparation of a Chronology of the salient facts, including any related pre-existing conditions, and any other important issues relevant to breach, causation, condition and prognosis.
  • Preparation of a detailed Analysis, with consideration given to both the medical and legal issues, and liability assessment.
    Consideration is also given to any relevant guidelines and any disputes of fact between the medical records and the client’s statement. Identification of the correct discipline of expert to be instructed together with pertinent questions to ask.
  • Preparation of a Schedule of Radiology. 
  • Preparation of a detailed file note to ensure maximum recoverability for the time spent. 
  • 14 – 21 day turnaround, and urgent work returned within 7 days.
  • Tracked DX, Recorded Delivery and Courier services available.
  • Medical Records can be scanned and provided on an encrypted USB drive or CD Rom. We can create an indexed and searchable PDF document.
  • Copy sets of the medical records can be provided. 
  • Quotes can be provided, and fixed fees where requested. 

Our Chronologies are thorough and set out in an easy to use format. They will be provided to you electronically so that they can be adapted as required.

We are well aware that each case is different, and on some cases you may not want a detailed chronology, but more of an overview of the index event. We understand that there is a difficult balance of being thorough at the outset, yet cost-effective. A good chronology is essential for progressing your client’s case in the right direction from the start in order to achieve the best outcome. Therefore we can easily tailor our service, and level of detail, to suit your requirements.

Our fees can be recovered as a disbursement or as profit costs at your hourly rate at the end of a successful case, thus equating to a zero cost service. 

Our fees for this service are £55.00 per hour + VAT

To discuss how Collaboras can assist you, please contact Jan on 01625 838845

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New Client Enquiry Screening

New client enquiries can be a time consuming and unprofitable part of the process. Ensuring that all relevant information is obtained and the potential claim is assessed properly is quite daunting. A lot of time can be wasted on the majority of enquiries which are turned away for lack of merit. 

There is a higher failure rate with clinical negligence claims than with regular personal injury work, so a strict vetting process is essential if time, referral fees and costs are not to be wasted.

It can often be difficult to decide whether to take cases on which fall within the grey area, without sight of the medical records. Let us assist you with our expertise in dealing with the initial assessment of claims. 

We are able to speak to potential new clients on your behalf, take all the necessary details, and revert to you with our views on the prospects of success. This has saved our clients immeasurable amounts of time in not having to deal with the initial enquiries with no prospects of success, allowing them to concentrate fully on progressing those that do.

  • Our service allows your fee earners to receive a fully qualified enquiry with input from our medical team within a matter of hours of the original contact.
  • We complete a pre-agreed New Client Enquiry questionnaire covering: client details, treatment providers and likely Defendant, history, injuries, allegations and potential funding options.
  • This is a flexible service that can grow as your department grows. It can reduce overheads by reducing recruitment needs and additional office costs, such as telephony costs.
  • Enables fee earners to concentrate on billable work.


To discuss how Collaboras can assist you, please contact Jan on 01625 838845.

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Obtaining Medical Records

Once you have taken on a new claim, the first step is to apply for copies of the medical records. This can be a time consuming task, particularly in chasing hospitals and GP surgeries for disclosure. 

We can apply for the records on your clients’ behalf. We can keep on top of the GPs and Hospitals ensuring that the records are received as quickly as possible. We can then review them and ensure that all the relevant records have been received, and revert to them in the cases where missing records have been identified.

Should you wish us to do so, we can then proceed to sort the records and prepare a detailed chronology or analysis, as required. 

To discuss how Collaboras can assist you, please contact Jan on 01625 838845.

Instructing Medical Experts

Once we have sorted the records, and prepared a chronology and analysis, we can go on to prepare a draft letter of instruction to the expert(s) on breach of duty and/or causation. 

We can use your own precedent for this, or we can use our own, whichever you prefer. The letter will include all the relevant issues to be addressed on liability, with pertinent questions to ask. 

This is a vital stage in the investigative process of the claim - in order to get the best out of the report, the expert needs to receive all relevant information, and be directed to the key issues in the case. 

To discuss how Collaboras can assist you, please contact Jan on 01625 838845.

Screening Reports

We now offer screening reports on liability. We have a number of experts in all disciplines who are able to give their advice on the prospects of success.

This can be used as a stand alone service, or in conjunction with our other services. You may wish to instruct us to obtain the medical records, review them and instruct an expert to prepare the screening report.

To discuss how Collaboras can assist you, please contact Jan on 01625 838845.

We want our clients to see us as an extension to their department and their fee earners. We are therefore here to undertake any tasks you may delegate to a paralegal, such as legal research, identification of experts, statements, or letter drafting, for example. 

We can also assist with the preparation of Hearing or Trial Bundles, with the indexing, copying and paginating.

To discuss how Collaboras can assist you, please contact Jan on 01625 838845.


We have created our ‘Nurseline’ for our existing clients to use on an ad hoc basis. It is intended to be used to seek brief advice on existing cases, or potential new cases, and is free for the first 10 minutes. Thereafter the time is charged at the usual hourly rate.

To discuss how Collaboras can assist you, please contact Jan on 01625 838845.


We are available to offer consultancy services to clinical negligence departments. Because of our unique multi-disciplinary set up, we are able to undertake a wide range of consultancy projects and tailor a package to meet your exact requirements. This includes:-

  • Trouble shooting on existing cases and advising on next steps.
  • Assistance with setting up a new clinical negligence department, including development of precedents and procedures.
  • Developing and implementing a website/internet marketing strategy.
  • Providing supervisory/file review services on an on-going or ad hoc basis.


To discuss how Collaboras can assist you, please contact Jan on 01625 838845.

White Label Services

Our white label service brings together all of our individual services to provide a full investigatory offering for new or developing clinical negligence teams or agencies. 

Our service is cost-effective, efficient and fully tailored to your needs.

To discuss how Collaboras can assist you, please contact Jan on 01625 838845.

Cost Drafting

We have an experienced costs draftsperson who can assist with the preparation of bills of costs, schedules, costs negotiations, and Advocacy for example.

To discuss how Collaboras can assist you, please contact Jan on 01625 838845.